Wheel alignment means measuring and correcting all alignment angles, not just toe and rear tracking. What good is it knowing the truck is out of alignment if you cannot correct the problem?

Truckshop & Equipment Service recognized that measurement and correction of all the major alignment angles is necessary to achieve maximum truck efficiency. That is why we promote  wheel alignment to extend tire life, maximize fuel efficiency and improve vehicle handling.

Suspension Inspection

The first step in a professional alignment is to raise the vehicle and inspect the suspension for problems like damaged springs, worn king pins, loose bearings or worn steering linkage. Without raising the vehicle, these problems can go unnoticed and continue to cause tire wear and handling problems.

Computer Alignment

We use Bee Line’s state-of-the-art computerized alignment system that utilizes lasers, which are more accurate than manual or infrared sensors. The bright laser beams are highly visible and show any alignment errors on the vehicle. Bee Line lasers provide the most accurate alignment readings on the market today. While most systems only measure to one-hundredths of an inch, our system is capable of measuring alignment variables to five-thousandths of an inch.

All corrections and adjustments to a vehicle’s alignment are done with a “live” reading. The readings for toe, rear tracking and camber are shown on the computer screen or a wireless remote display and reflect all changes as corrections are being made to ensure accuracy.






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